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Jimmy Lawlor

Jimmy LawlorJimmy Lawlor was born in December 1967 in Wexford and lives in Westport, in the magnificent West of Ireland. He has been exhibiting for over 20 years and is known for capturing two of the greatest things about Ireland: the humor and the landscape. We’ve seen Lawler depict scenes of west of Ireland, domestic spaces, Dublin’s St. Stephen’s Gate and imaginary landscapes. His work is based not only on the Irish sense of humor, but in vivid realization that the old way of life will have vanished by our next generation. He has a passion for his art and takes from his surroundings a rural feeling that is distinctly his own interpretation, and distinctly Irish.

His loaded imagery, teamed with pun-like titles, provoke giggles from the viewers but when the laughing stops there comes pure admiration for the highly skilled handling of paint. Lawlor depicts Ireland’s sensational beauty while having fun with the familiar and playful characters he creates. The work makes us laugh and makes us wonder what happened before the scene and what is to come next in the rather bizarre narratives. The dreamy and humorous balance of Lawlor’s works shift from piece to piece. Over the 20 years of exhibiting Lawlor has repeatedly delighted art lovers across the world.

Jimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy LawlorJimmy Lawlor


“I call my work surrealism. It takes elements from my surroundings and mixes them with the people of the place, in their environment and doing what they love best. These people have helped create the environment about them, whether they be farmers, business people, students or otherwise. I applaud these people and their character, which makes them unique. The humor of the Irish people is fantastic, the gentle mannerisms that I encountered while painting them is honorable, it’s a history in their faces and a sparkle in their eye that belies their age. It is a humbling experience for me to be able to capture the Character of the person, and presenting them with the final result.”

Jimmy Lawlor
Lawlor’s work has been featured in many of the magazines including ‘Image’ and ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, the Irish Independent and in German and French National papers. His work has also been featured on Irish Television, Nationwide, French Television and Dutch Television. Quotation from Mr. Hugh Leonard, Irish Independent , Oct 7th 2001: “..imagine a Salvador Dali who has regained at least half of his sanity and moved to the west of Ireland, and you begin to enjoy art that is not only accessible, but as warm and fantastic as a good dream”.

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