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Islam: satan’s religion (traducir)

want to say that where the information I get from is a person from Irak. His name is Raad Salam Naaman. Caldeo . He studied religious science, theology, east sciences, antique history of mesopotamia, arabic fillology, economics and islamic arabic studies in Basora University. Then he run away from Irak and studied in Spain PHD in arabic islamic studies, PHD in arabic filology and PHD in religios sciences. He has written 4 books about islam. He speaks arabic, spanish and arameo… (sorry for translation from spanish) this man got searchings with doctor in Azhar university (sunni) and Ayatallah (Shii)

JUST SOME History: in year 571 after Jesus Christ Muhammed Adula… was born (prophecy in Bible Mt 24) his father died before he was born. His mother died when Muhhamad was 6 years old, then he was with his grand father Abdel…. and passed away 2 years later. Muhammad left with his uncle Abutaleb his cousin ali’s father. He used to work in trade caravans with family whe he got like a professor who was a nestorian christian monk and he taught everything about spirituality and religion and did the marriage between Muhammad and his first wife

This monk was his professor or spiritul guide for 25 years… during this time Muhammad had only 1 wife Jariya. In 610 Muhammad said he listened voice of an arcangel Gabriel who said Muhammad was god’s messsenger. When the monk died Muhammad got married more times. He got an adoptive son zeid who wad jeriya’s slave

Muhammad’s tribe didn’t like him so he had to run away from there in 622 to Medina… and I understand is when islamic calendar begins

He was weak in that time because not many people was following him then he became a state boss (I dont know hiw to say in english) he did like an agreement with Jews to respect religions.. there he said the suras in quram that talks about peace and respect with other religions. So there is where you have 124 suras of peace and love like sura 3 verse 3. Sura 2 verse 136 and so on

But in year 624 he became very strong of course because he used to speak about peace and love. In this year he broke the agreement with Jews and other religions and he became to kill jews tribes and to conquer them. (WAR) WHAT DID JEWS AND CHRISTIANS DO ABOUT THIS??? NOTHING. He took jew women as sexual slaves. AND SINCE THIS TIME HE TALKED OTHER SURAS IN QURAM… SURAS OF JIHAD

There are more suras of peace like sura 2:256, sura 10:99… but all before he broke the agreement of peace, tolerance and respect with other religions specially Jews. Islam has a science that speaks about the change Muhammad did about tolerance and respect and the name of that science is Nasj wa Al Mensuj. This science says suras that made INVALID THE SURAS BEFORE THE NEW ONES. IT MEANS NEXT SURAS MADE INVALID THE SURAS OF PEACE.

That is why I say SOME muslims say lies because they know about the change and only mention suras of peace and not the last ones that invalid the suras before. Lets talk about last suras… suras of yihan which are 255… for example: Sura 9:33that talks about islam like true religion “despite of ” other religions (look for this suras in oficial version of quram that is accepted by foundation fajad of Arabia saudita).

Sura 9:123) that talks about muslims doing war against no muslims and we find them very right or strong

(Sura 48:16) that talks about muslims called to fight against powerfull countries and FIGHT until we “hug” islam

Sura 5:51 that talks about muslims dont take jews and christisns as friends because we are friends between us, and if muslims become our frinds (jews and christians) they become one of us and allah dont guide bad towns

Sura 8:59-60) it talks about that people who dont believe in islam DONT SCAPE, that we cant, and muslims have to prepare horses and things for war so they can make us feel afraid because it says people who dont believe in islam are allah’s enemies ”

Sura 9:5,29) it talks about when sacred months have passed, kill the people of agreement (jews and christians and others) where ever we are, catch us, and other things difficult to translate, but if we reject and become muslims and we do azala and pay the azaque (tax ONLY FOR NON MUSLIMS) then they can leave us alone. It says muslims have to FIGHT against people from de “book” (bible… jews and christians) until whe we are willing to pay the tax so we recognize our SUBMISSION.

Muslims can lie if is for islam and allah: sura 8: 30 and 31 that talks that when people who are not muslims say that Muhammad lie then muslims can say FABLES if they want to, from ancesters

Now salafism talks about talks about muslims have to live like people in Muhammad time. So all of this philosophy is very valid for muslims IN THE PRESENT.. actually most of muslim women dress like old times.

A muslim who dont go to to yihad… have to pay yakat… tax for yijad.

Then looking all of this we know and we are sure about all that territory was property of jews and christians first…. muslims distroyed the greatest temple of jews and christians… temple of Salomon and became in a Mezquita… that is why Cruzades came to attack muslims…

Sura 56:17-20 talks about muslim’s price in heaven at least 72 huries (virgin women) for each man.

Sura 47:15

Muslims talk about that everything is forbbiden in earth is allowed in heaven

People who replaced Muhammad died (no resurrection) like califa Omar killed his own family, Otoman did the same and burnt several versions of quram and left only one which had arabic without points..

For islamic state democracy is not possible because is religión with politic there is no difference and islamic law is about only muslims, islamic culture and quram

Muslims come from Ismael arabic peninsul NO palestine. ISLAMIC history says that Muhammad participated in 88 battles. When he broke the agreement with jews and christians went and took Yuria as 8th wife, killed her father, cut her husband neck and her children and the same day became her new huaband and did the same with safia his 9th wife. He had 55 temporal marriage that is a contract of marriage for some time to have some pleasure which is something still have in muslim countries

A MUSLIM DOCTOR PROFESSOR wrote a book about prophet’s women, tells about his 3rd wife Aisha and it says the SHE WAS ONLY 6 YEARS OLD, when he got her house, her mother took her when she was playing and put her on his legs…. then they had sex when she was ONLY 9 YEARS OLD.

Muhammad got married his adoptive son’s wife Sura 33:37

Now adays islamic philosophy continues forcing people to become muslims with the “arabic spring” with war like in Libia, Egypt 2011, Syria march 2011. Christians have to pay the tax with SUBMISSION,become muslims or die… simple.

But I know there are muslims who dont know about all of this like in other religions. But the worst thing is that Islam is not a peace religion and countries from west have helped islamic state in some east countries just because the west governments dont know about the real philosophy of Islam in the Quram. They didnt want more dictatorships and now we have the results of islamic state with the power. No options, only islamic religion or die. And yihadists continue cutting necks like during the islamic story that only stopped when middle east had dictatorships but they were not the middle og islamic religion only laity but now we have the real face of islam like in France, Syria, Irak, Egypt… Spain during 7 centuries, Armenia… is so sad.

I dont hate muslims because many of you really thing islam is peace. .. I just feel sorry of world living war, no freedom, no respect… I just dont really to keep talking about this. I hope and invite muslims to meet and gather with Jesus and Bible… be extremist christians and never kill, never suicide.. only love, compassion, dialogue, tolerance, 10 commandments and works of mercy… because God knows what there is in your hearts. God bless you all. And remember what Jesus said: satan is the father of lies

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