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50mw Green Laser stand tri-pod


Whatever kind of industrial line alignment work surfaces, Green Star Laser Pointer 10mW module always projects a highly bright and visible green reference line, thus instructing users to make the most accurate and precise line positioning efficiently.

Green Beam Laser Pointer


Green line laser alignment is not the same as manual lines. Once users are selecting this advanced laser line alignment tool, it is very easy to make line targeting after connection with external DC input power supply. Usually it adopts 3V to 4.2V operating voltage DC power supply, after its connection with electric power, it begins to generate highly bright and visible green reference line on desired working surfaces.

With the holiday season just around the corner, the world’s most popular lasers have just gotten a bit sweeter, now including the lens kit, Expanded optics set, 50mw Green Laser stand tri-pod, and pair of safety goggles. The already world famous series has made headway as the most powerful hand held lasers available anywhere and are now in greater demand than ever following this update.


Whether a gift for yourself or someone else, for research, military, or hobby use, never before has so much Green Laser Pointer 3000mw technology been available at such a fair price, with packages, freeshipping. Be sure to act quickly as stocks are in limited supplies and all packages ship on a first come first serve basis. What’s more the Laser Series is only available from a single United States based laser source, right here at buylaserpointer.com


In various industrial precise machinery processing working fields, the advanced line 200mW Red Laser Module alignment always gets wide applications in practical use. This advanced laser line alignment too makes the best use of import 532nm green DPSS laser tech, as a result, it always gets wide application in precise line positioning in garment marking, sew machine, laser cutting machine, wooden board or steel board processing etc.


Not the same as manual line tool, users always have no need to make manual line drawing or line printing with the help of square meter, triangular board or blocking board etc. As a result, users also have no need to spend a lot of time on prior line positioning, but just begins to work after proper adjustment of laser line targeting direction.


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